World wide brands
World wide brands company is large database of manufacturers and factories coming together under a single website worldwidebrands.com. They are not a wholesaling company neither are they the person that contracts a sale for their product. A manufacturing company with the potential to advertise their product can set up an account with them so that potential customers can gain the advantage of obtaining the best prices for their goods. World wide brands product sourcing database is extremely large and it is facilitated by use of the online account setup form feature. This means that a company can link their products to the world wide brands company website as part of increasing their market worldwide.

World wide brands was founded by Cris Malter. Mr. Malter searched the internet extensively to find the best suppliers that operate in the wholesale industry. His determination to ensure that the suppliers on his database should represent him and his high regard for integrity and honesty is what has made his company well trusted. Today, he is known as being one of the most profound men in the drop shipping industry. World wide brands company has led the industry by their ability to secure their clients with a large database of wholesalers that were critically selected and authorized to advertise on their site.

The Word Wide Brands supplier database can offers a complete product finding tool that assist people anywhere in the world in finding products and sourcing them. These customers achieve the advantage of obtaining it at the lowest price and they even have a wide variety and brands to choose from. They are the largest and oldest product finding tool service as they have the most amount of suppliers registered on their database as compared to other companies in the industry. They employ an entire staff whose main responsibility is to locate and monitor their suppliers that advertise on their site. Customers all over the world understand the rigid process involved in qualifying manufacturing companies that can register on their site and they are assured that they are protected from unscrupulous companies since they are confident that world wide brands ensures the legitimacy of all their suppliers and the quality of goods received against the price they advertised for products on the site.  Their site is very user friendly as they classify the suppliers on their site into groups.

These groups are
·         Light Bulk Wholesalers
·         Liquidation Wholesalers
·         Instant Import Buys
·         Large Volume Wholesalers
·         Dropship Wholesalers
The site offers a built in market research utility, this tells the customer as to if the items they are browsing can be sold soon or not. The site also contains eBiz education which provides training by the use of videos and webinars to help customers select the best products from the suppliers with the best quality for the required price.

One major drawback is that many people have the belief that world wide brands does not have representations from major world famous brands for particular goods. However, as this may be true, brands such as Microsoft and Sony are not associated with the company and world wide brands company is still in the process of offering them the opportunity to do so. This is because these major leading brands prefer to sell their products to their own distributors rather than sell them on world wide brands.com. Despite this, the company still offers other brand named products that can bring the